Your car might be an indispensable part of your life. You need it to drive to your office or to a friend’s place during weekends. You might have memories attached to it too. However, if maintenance of your vehicle is neglected in any way, the car might suffer a sudden breakdown. It might cause some irreparable damages to the internal parts of the vehicle. Therefore, you should make sure to take your car to a mechanic or a service station that deals with all types of auto repairs. You should not only take your car when there is a problem, but should also arrange for the regular maintenance of the car to ensure longevity and better performance for years to come.

Do you have any idea regarding the parts of your car that you should get checked by a professional? Here is a comprehensive checklist to help you with the regular maintenance of your car –

The brakes

These parts are crucial for the safety of the car. You should therefore check regularly if the brakes are working fine and are in good condition. Always remember that brakes gradually show problems, which are not detectable at an early stage, therefore check the following:

1.Fluid levels in the brakes

2.Working condition of the brakes in parking

3.Functioning of the hand brakes

4.The brake pedals

The air conditioner

This component assures comfort for the passengers. Therefore to ensure a comfortable drive, you should make sure that the AC is working in perfect condition. When it comes to air conditioners, check the following:

1.Refrigerant levels

2.Mechanical problems

3.Blockages in the connecting tubes

4.Moisture or air contamination

5.Dirt or dust accumulation in the condenser

Apart from the brakes and the Ac, there are some more vital parts that require a regular maintenance. Contextually, you should know that when it comes to auto repairs, Plano, TX has some reputed service centers that provides services like free towing and delivery along with a low-cost repairing service. Now, that you are aware of the place to expect a complete car care solution; let us have a glance at the checklist of the cooling system of the car and the fuel injection mechanism –

Car cooling system

It prevents the engine from getting heated up too much. Check the following to ensure longevity of the car’s engine:

1.Coolant levels

2.Engine oil levels




6.Spark plugs

Car fuel system

A car maintenance checklist is never complete without checking if there are any clogging in fuel lines and filters. You should also check if there are any other problems with the complete fuel system.

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